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Living the dream!

WingXperience was set up from a passion for (water) sports, teaching and entrepreneurship.

Bjorn Verheul  - founder

As a little boy I started windsurfing on the upper water in Lelystad at surf school Paradiso. From the first moment I fell in love with windsurfing. I lived in Harderwijk and then fanatically continued on the Veluwemeer, where I also became an instructor.
After high school I followed the CALO, teacher training. During my studies I worked at Ripstar travel, where I got to know the travel industry well. That's where my dream to have my own business in the surfing world actually started.
After my studies I worked as a teacher for 7 years. But the desire for a surfing venture still lingered. Itwing foilingtook off. Things all fell together at the right time and right place. This was the time to start!


Tessa Beumer- founder


Wingfoil addicted since July  2021!
After I completed the CALO, sports management, I went on an adventure. Made beautiful backpack trips and then really rolled into the (wind) surfing life. Many seasons taught in Italy. Always looking for the combination of freedom, outdoor life, adventure and work at the same time. I come from an enterprising family. Soon after my education I knew I wanted to start something for myself. I knew Bjorn from the study. The same kind of person with the same dreams. When it  wingfoiling came up, we saw our chance! Six months later, WingXperience was created.
What's more beautiful than yourspassionto make your job!

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