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Living the dream!

WingXperience was set up from a passion for (water) sports, teaching and entrepreneurship.

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Bjorn Verheul  - founder

As a little boy I started windsurfing on the upper water in Lelystad at surf school Paradiso. From the first moment I fell in love with windsurfing. I lived in Harderwijk and then fanatically continued on the Veluwemeer, where I also became an instructor.
After high school I followed the CALO, teacher training. During my studies I worked at Ripstar travel, where I got to know the travel industry well. That's where my dream to have my own business in the surfing world actually started.
After my studies I worked as a teacher for 7 years. But the desire for a surfing venture still lingered. Itwing foilingtook off. Things all fell together at the right time and right place. This was the time to start!


Tessa Beumer- founder


Wingfoil addicted since July  2021!
After I completed the CALO, sports management, I went on an adventure. Made beautiful backpack trips and then really rolled into the (wind) surfing life. Many seasons taught in Italy. Always looking for the combination of freedom, outdoor life, adventure and work at the same time. I come from an enterprising family. Soon after my education I knew I wanted to start something for myself. I knew Bjorn from the study. The same kind of person with the same dreams. When it  wingfoiling came up, we saw our chance! Six months later, WingXperience was created.
What's more beautiful than yourspassionto make your job!

With WingXperience we want to offer everyone the unique experience of wing surfing. Lovely weather, the wind in your hair and the sound of the flowing water. The great thing about wing foiling is that anyone can do it. From inexperienced surfers to experts. With our unique mobile surf school we give wingfoil lessons at the best surf spots in the Netherlands. As a travel organization, we also provide fully arranged  surf holidays in Italy.  

We at WingXperience stand for:

  • Personal attention;

  • Small-scale wing foil courses;

  • Surf school and travel organization in one;  

  • Experienced, certified instructors;  

  • Latest techniques and materials. 

What is wingsurfen?

Wingsurfing and Wingfoiling 

Wingsurfing en wing foiling are the new disciplines within water sports that are growing extremely fast. It is a combination of windsurfing, surfing and kitesurfing. The sport is practiced with an inflatable 'wing', a board and possibly a hydrofoil. By de hydrofoil  you actually get the magical feeling of flying above the water!  Wing foiling and wing surfing brings many benefits:

  • You only need a little wind, which significantly increases your hours on the water!

  • Easy to build

  • The ultimate feeling of freedom

  • A full-body workout accessible to everyone!

​Within this new water sport we make a distinction between wing surfing and wing foiling, where wing surfing is practiced without the foil.


Wingsurfing has become very popular in a short time. It is a new sport that is easy to learn for novice surfers. You can learn to wingsurf without any surfing experience. The difference with windsurfing and kitesurfing is not only that it is easier to learn, but it is also faster to set up. After all, you need less equipment. You only need a wing and board to get started. The different surf brands use the latest materials and techniques to get the most out of this sport.

The image below shows a wing of the brandRRD.



The wing consists of the following parts

- Leading edge

- Strut

- Handles

- Windows (not all wings have this)


- Pump (must be purchased separately)

Because you have to inflate the leading-edge and strut, these are filled with air, the wing can 'fly', which makes the wing so special and light. This can also ensure that you easily lose the wing because it can blow away or float away. The leash was invented for this purpose. You attach the leash to your wrist so that you cannot lose the wing during wing surfing or wing foiling.




What is the difference between wingsurfing and wing foiling?

Wingsurfing is the basis needed for wing foiling. When wing surfing you use the wing, this is an inflatable wing. With the wing you convert the wind into speed so that you can wingsurf over the water. When wing foiling we use a wingboard where we have a so-calledhydrofoilmount below. With a hydrofoil you come completely out of the water. As a result, you no longer have any resistance and you fly over the water! This is already possible with very little wind and makes wing foiling really spectacular. Read ourblog about the hydrofoilif you want to know more about how it works.


How much wind do you need to be able to Wingsurf?

This partly depends on your weight and how strong you are. From wind force 3 (8 knots) Wingsurfing is already fun to do! Up to and including wind force 6 (25 knots) it is doable for most people. Only more experienced Wingsurfers go with even more wind. You can learn how to wing foil yourselfprivate lessonsor learn to surf in a group. Wing foiling is therefore an active, sporty and fun outing that you can do with friends, family and colleagues.

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How a hydrofoil works (basic)

The big difference between wingsurfing and wing foiling is made by the hydrofoil. By mounting a Foil under the board you can start foiling. We describe the basics of the hydrofoil.


  • What is a Hydrofoil?

  • What parts does hydrofoil consist of?

  • How does a hydrofoil work?

What is a Hydrofoil?

Hydrofoils are nothing more than submerged wings that allow a board to rise out of the water. This works in the same way as an airplane. Surfing with a foil board is also called "foiling". In our case it is wing foiling.


What parts does hydrofoil consist of?

There are two wings: a rear wing (backwing) and a front wing (frontwing). The wings are connected to the fuselage, which is the hull of the hydrofoil. The fuselage is connected to the foil board with the mast. The front wing provides the upward force (lift) and the back wing serves as a stabilizer (stabilizier).



- Front wing

- Back wing

- fuselage

- Mast

- Foil base plate

- Fixing screws


The front wingis the most important part of the hydrofoil when looking at obtaining lift (uplift). This is because the front wing represents the largest surface area


The back wingis important for keeping the hydrofoil in balance, sometimes the backwing is also called a stabilizer.


The fuselageis in fact the hull of the hydrofoil, all parts are connected to the fuselage.


The mastgoes from the fuselage to the foilbaseplate, the foilbaseplate is the connection plate of the hydrofoil with the board.



Surfing with a foil board is also called "foiling". Foiling is therefore talking about placing a hydrofoil under a plank and can therefore refer to several water sports in which this principle is applied:

  • Wind foiling

  • Kite foiling

  • Wing foiling

  • Surf foiling

  • SUP foiling

  • Electric foiling or E-foiling

  • Hydrofoil wakeboarding

  • Hydrofoil water skiing


Operation of a hydrofoil

The forward speed creates upward force that causes the board to rise and eventually come out of the water completely. Only the wing is now in the water, which drastically reduces drag. However, you need enough speed to get out of the water.
















What about that forward speed and upward forces?


A foil 'flies' because the water that flows over the top of the front wing has a higher speed than the water that passes the bottom of the wing. This creates a pressure difference. This ensures that the foil comes out of the water, and gives us the feeling that we are flying.


The wing shape provides lift but also a "forward pitch" that makes the foil want to dive down, which is why the addition of a backwing is important. The backwing provides counterlift to stabilize the foiler's flight.


Do you want to experience for yourself what it is like to foil. Then bookherea lesson to learn how to wingfoil. Flying over the water?Bookthen a wing foil lessonWing experience. 

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De werking van een hydrofoil.png

 How does a foil work?

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