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Spend the night at the surf spot at Wingxperience

Are you ready for an adventurous wingfoiling surf weekend at Wingxperience? Luckily, there are various accommodation options available for your convenience.

Camper Spot at the Surfspot near Wingfoil School Wingxperience: A Natural Water Adventure

Are you seeking a unique camping experience by the water? Discover the enchanting camper spot at the Wingxperience surfspot. This breathtaking location not only offers spectacular water views but also the opportunity to enjoy thrilling water sports. Read on to explore why this camper spot is an excellent choice for adventurous travelers.

Location and Accessibility

The camper spot at Wingxperience wingfoil school is conveniently situated and easily accessible from various nearby towns and villages. The picturesque water view creates an immediately captivating and relaxing atmosphere.


Feel right at home thanks to the excellent facilities at this camper spot. Marina Muiderzand has provided modern sanitary facilities, convenient power connections, and ample water provisions. Some spots even offer Wi-Fi access.

Water Sports Adventures

For water sports enthusiasts, the Wingxperience surfspot is the ideal destination. Here, you can indulge in activities such as wingfoiling, wingsurfing, catamaran sailing, and, of course, surfing. You even have the option to bring your own boat and revel in the tranquility of the calm water.

Natural Beauty and Surroundings

The camper spot at Wingxperience offers unparalleled natural beauty. During the day, you can enjoy relaxing walks along the water's edge, surrounded by lush vistas and vibrant bird sounds. In the evening, you can witness an enchanting sunset and the sparkling lights of nearby communities across the water.

Community and Connection

The camper spot at the Wingxperience surfspot attracts like-minded travelers from diverse backgrounds. This creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere where you can easily make new friends, share stories, and exchange travel tips.


Choose an unforgettable water adventure and discover the camper spot at the Wingxperience surfspot. With its spectacular views, exciting water sports opportunities, and welcoming community, this location is ideal for adventurous campers. Whether you want to embrace the tranquility of the water, explore local nature, or simply enjoy the great outdoors, the Wingxperience camper spot has it all. The cost is only €17.50 per night.

Tiny Wagons: Unique Stays with Marina Parcs

Are you looking for a distinctive accommodation experience for two people? Be sure to check out the Tiny Wagons at Marina Parcs. These Tiny Wagons, located in the Naarden Marina and Marina Muiderzand in Almere, are converted former construction huts that have been transformed into compact yet practically furnished lodgings. Enjoy the water and the beautiful surroundings during your stay!

In a Tiny Wagon, you'll experience the joy of simplicity and the beauty of nature. Whether you're taking to the waters for sailing lessons or kitesurfing, renting a boat for a trip on the IJmeer, Markermeer, or Gooimeer, or simply spending quality time with your fellow traveler, the Tiny Wagon offers a unique experience.

In the Almere Tiny Wagon, you can enjoy a bunk bed or double bed, while staying comfortable both in summer and winter thanks to the provided heating. Marina Parcs has ensured communal sanitary facilities and a shared kitchen. You can prepare a meal in the small kitchen of the Almere Tiny Wagon 7-10, equipped with a 2-burner stove, refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker.

In short, enjoy a cozy overnight stay in a Tiny Wagon and discover the diversity of the surroundings!

If you decide to rent a Tiny Wagon in Almere or use the camper spot, you are free to take advantage of the excellent facilities at Marina Muiderzand Marina during your stay. From the Tiny Wagons, you can enjoy a stunning water view, while a variety of water sports opportunities are within reach. Consider relaxed boat trips, refreshing swims, and exciting wingsurfing sessions. In addition to the various water sports activities, the marina also offers play areas for the youngest guests.

But the adventure doesn't stop at the marina; there are plenty of activities to explore in the surrounding areas. Here are some suggested outings:

1. Walibi Biddinghuizen Theme Park: For a day of fun and excitement, you can visit this theme park where thrilling rides and entertainment await.

2. Aviodrome Aviation Theme Park: Dive into the world of aviation history and explore the impressive collection of airplanes and exhibitions.

3. Cycling and Hiking Routes around the Oostvaarders- and Lepelaarsplassen: Explore the natural beauty of the Oostvaarders- and Lepelaarsplassen with various cycling and hiking trails.

4. Boat Trip to Forteiland Pampus: Board a boat and visit the historic Forteiland Pampus, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

5. Muiderslot Castle in Muiden: Discover the beautiful Muiderslot Castle, complete with charming castle gardens, a café, and a museum shop.

6. Sauna Thermen La Mer: Enjoy a relaxing day at this beautiful sauna, conveniently located on the edge of Almere Haven.

7. Fun Forest Climbing Park: Take on an adventurous climbing course in the forests of Almeerderhout, a perfect destination for active families.

8. Indoor Play Paradise Kids Playground in Almere Buiten: Children can have a blast in this indoor play paradise with a variety of fun activities.

9. Almere Jungle Animal Park: Explore the animal park and don't forget to visit the Jungle Café and Jungle Store for extra fun.

10. PIT Safety Museum in Almere Centrum: An interactive experience that introduces you to various aspects of safety and emergency response.

11. Jumping Jack: Let loose your energy in this indoor trampoline hall with six different trampoline areas for various types of jumps.

12. Architectural Walk in Almere Centrum: Explore the modern architecture of Almere during a leisurely walk or enjoy a day of shopping in the bustling city center.

13. Ferry to the Markerwadden: Take the ferry from Bataviahaven and discover the newest piece of the Netherlands: the Markerwadden.

In short, both at the marina and beyond, an abundance of activities await to make your stay at Wingxperience and in the surrounding region even more memorable.

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