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Wingxperience - The Wingfoil school near Amsterdam - Learning to wingfoil for beginners

Discover Almere Wingxperience: The Wingfoil School near Amsterdam

Welcome to Almere Wingxperience - your ultimate wing foiling destination, just a stone's throw from bustling Amsterdam! Whether you are an experienced wing foiler or new to this exciting water sport, with us you will find everything you need to spread your wings and soar above the waves.

Why Wingxperience?

1. Ideal Location:

Our wingfoil school is located in Almere, conveniently located near Amsterdam. With short travel distances, Almere Wingxperience is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, without having to travel far. And also FREE parking.

2. Professional Instructors:

Our team of passionate and experienced instructors is ready to teach you the intricacies of wing foiling. Whether you are a beginner or want to sharpen your skills, we will guide you on your personal wingfoil journey.

3. Top Quality Gear:

At Almere Wingxperience we only use the best and latest wing foil materials from the Italian brand RRD . This allows you to enjoy your sessions on the water with confidence and ease.

4. Beautiful Surroundings:

Discover the breathtaking natural beauty of Almere and its surroundings as you glide over the glistening waters. A unique experience that will stay with you for a long time.

5. Beach bar:

Our Beach Bar is the ideal place to relax after an energetic and exciting time on the water. Located on the coast of Almere and with a magnificent view of the sparkling water & the skyline of Amsterdam, our Beachbar offers the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing get-together with friends, fellow surfers and our instructors

Our Services

1. Wingfoil Lessons:

Learn wing foiling from the basics or refine your technique with our wing foil lessons. Our instructors adapt the lessons to your level and goals, so that you get the most out of every session.

2. Rental:

For those who are already familiar with wing foiling, we offer wing foil equipment for rent. Enjoy the freedom to fly independently and feel the wind in your hair.

3. Excursions:

Come on an unforgettable Wingfoil trip and explore the beautiful waters around Porto Pollo Sardinia. An adventure that offers you new perspectives on this beautiful island.

Plan Your Wingfoil Adventure

Discover the pleasure of wing foiling at Almere Wingxperience, close to Amsterdam. Whether you are looking for a great water sports experience, want to start a new hobby, or just enjoy the beauty of the water, we have something special for you.

Visit Almere Wingxperience today and float over the water with us. Contact us to plan your wingfoil adventure or for more information about our services.

Ready to foil? Don't wait any longer and reserve your spot at Almere Wingxperience now!

Learn wing foiling for beginners. The first introduction to wingsurfing
Introduction lesson wing foiling at Wingxperience

Wing foil lessons at Wingxperience
Wingfoil lessons on the IJmeer near Amsterdam

Improve your skills on the foil. Learn your first Tack of Jibe
Advanced lessons wing foil at Wingxperience

Experience the ultimate freedom of foil surfing
Wing foils float over the water

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